The Promo Bay

We put videos about awesome stuff on the front page of The Pirate Bay, for fun, profit, art and the betterment of the human race.

The app was made for shits and giggles by @willdayble, @sgsibelle and their merry band of hackers for The Pirate Bay.

Can anyone get involved?

Yes. As long as you can make a YouTube video about what you do. Try and pick a good category for your stuff.

We prefer game-changing stuff. Go break an industry, bust a paradigm or do something ridiculous no-one else has.

Who picks videos?

We use the 'favourites' list, plus some other metrics, plus our own sense of taste. Posting links on the Facebook page won't get you featured.

How to use it

Sign up with Facebook

Only Facebook for login right now. Proves you're human. Yup.

Once you're in, add your project to the list. The team at The Pirate Bay will occasionally pick someone to be featured.

Having troubles?

We love you, but we don't do customer support.

If something goes terribly wrong, hit us up via the Facebook page.


If you need anything hit us up on the Facebook page.

To shower us with praise, hit up @willdayble on twitter.

Terms of use

The Promo Bay is an experiment. By using The Promo Bay you agree that all content you submit is your own creation. We take no responsibility for any of the content submitted, nor the links therein.

You give us the unfettered right to do anything we want with all your content, forever. So there ner.

Privacy Policy

We only use your personal Facebook login to prove you're a real human. We may at any time contact you via details we get from Facebook, for any reason, especially if things change and we have to let you know. We won't share your details with any law enforcement agencies, governments, or space aliens.

We might spam you with info about TPB or whatever without any warning, at any time.

We will try not to be massive douches about it